Auto Dealership (Vehicle Listing)

Eikon’s “For Sale Listing” platform can also be used in marketing automobiles, motorcycles and boats by any dealership or even a private party.  It is easy to increase the amount of captured leads on the sales lot or through conventional printed advertising.

Any vehicle listing can now incorporate a QR code, a keyword with a short code or both. When an interested car buyer texts your keyword or scans a QR code from their mobile device, the dealership immediately receives their information as a lead. All this happens while the customer is sent a landing page or mobile website link that provides them additional photos and information on the vehicle.

Vehicle Listing

The vehicle listing tool can be used by auto, boat and motorcycle dealerships to increase the amount of leads captured both on the sales lot and through print advertising.

Create a listing simply and effectively

A vehicle listing can be created with a keyword, a QR code or both. When a customer scans the QR code or texts the keyword, the dealership will receive a lead and the customer will get a link that will lead them to a landing page or a mobile website with more pictures and information on the vehicle.

Sample mobile site for vehicle listing:


Create ads and attract buyers 24/7

Not only will our system create a window sticker that can be placed on the vehicle to be scanned by potential customers even on days the dealership is closed but you can also add the opt-in keyword to all print, television and radio advertising. Sometimes prospects are reluctant to contact a business to get information because they are afraid of the “hard Sell”, this tool solves that problem. An ad can be created with just a few clicks.

  1. – Choose an opt-in list to create a database of interested prospects
  2. – Attach a coupon to attract customers back to your car lot or dealership
  3. – Send notifications to your sales team whenever someone inquires about a listing