Real Estate (Property Listing)

Since the real estate housing crash several years ago the industry has become more challenging. With recent bank and mortgage loan restrictions it is getting increasingly difficult for agents to compete in an already choked market. Eikon Mobile’s texting tools make it easier for Real Estate professionals to expand their pool of potential buyers.

Brokers and agents can now include keywords and QR codes in their advertising and add them to listing sign riders as well. Prospects no longer have to call into an office number in order to check on the availability or details of a home that is for sale or rent. They simply text the keyword to a shortcode or use the QR code and are directed to a landing page or website that has all the information on the specific property and the buyer’s cell phone information is captured as a sales lead at the same time.

Auto Dealership (Vehicle Listing)

Eikon’s “For Sale Listing” platform can also be used in marketing automobiles, motorcycles and boats by any dealership or even a private party.  It is easy to increase the amount of captured leads on the sales lot or through conventional printed advertising.

Any vehicle listing can now incorporate a QR code, a keyword with a short code or both. When an interested car buyer texts your keyword or scans a QR code from their mobile device, the dealership immediately receives their information as a lead. All this happens while the customer is sent a landing page or mobile website link that provides them additional photos and information on the vehicle.

Attract Buyers 24/7

Our system improves the efficiency of any dealership by allowing potential customers to access vehicle information when the business is closed. Vehicle window stickers can be created that any buyer can scan after operating hours. Especially by those reluctant buyers who are afraid to call into the business and want to avoid a “Hard Sell” pushy salesperson. To enhance the marketing potential, opt in keywords can be included with all you print, TV and radio advertising.

Property Listing

Helping real estate agencies generate leads has never been easier. Real estate has always been a very competitive market, but since the housing crash several years ago along with increased restrictions by banks on mortgage approvals, agents need every tool available to them to increase their pool of buyers.

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Easy To Implement

Keywords and QR codes can be added to sign riders as well as all print advertising. When a prospect requests information they will get a link to a landing page or a mobile website with pictures and info on the property and the agent will get a sales lead.

Sample Real Estate Mobile Site: