If your organization is one whose life’s blood depends on the generosity of others mobile technology can improve your fundraising results. Engage your supporters and boost fundraising participation immediately! 91% of all US mobile users keep their phones within arms reach at all times.

Advanced Connect’s integrated Mobile Donations tool is designed to help you accomplish three things:

  • Gain New Donors
  • Increase Recurring Gifts
  • Better Engage Supporters

Advanced Connect’s fundraising and communication solutions transform charities, churches, universities, nonprofits, political groups, socially responsible corporations and philanthropists into mobile experts.

Leverage powerful, easy-to-use tools for compelling mobile and social campaigns. As supporters opt-in to your cause, you can segment them building a list of VIPs. Subsequent messages can be personalized and will reach them directly with an average open rate of 98%.

Make it convenient and easy to support your cause without the hassle of writing a check or carrying cash.

Benefits of Mobile Donations

  • Build a database community of long-term supporters
  • Easily create new channels to achieve your fundraising goals
  • A more convenient experience for your supporters
  • Monitor and manage your fundraising in real-time
  • Fundraising events become more interactive and personal
  • Compel your supporters to take action immediately