Create virtual punch cards with The Loyalty Program! Loyalty cards have always been a very popular customer rewards tool. The one downfall is that they are constantly being misplaced or lost. With our Loyalty tool all you need is a mobile phone number and you can have your card punched at the time of purchase. It is important for business owners to implement programs that not only continue to drive customers in but also make them feel appreciated, especially in tough economic times.


Simple to create

Easily set up a Loyalty rewards program for any client. You will be able to choose program length, what the reward will be and how many points it will take customers to reach the desired goal! Customers can gain points on either purchases or store visits. Since this is all done by phone and SMS Text Messaging, you may think there are people out there who will be able to cheat the system. Fear not! Cards can only be punched at the business through a Loyalty Kiosk or a landing page dedicated specifically to each Loyalty Program known only by the business owner.
Having your customers opt-in and sign up for your program will allow you to build up a database of numbers so that you can send out future promotions, coupons, news and more.

Personalize your message

Create custom messages for each program. Whether a person wants to check how many points away he or she is from obtaining their prize or you would like to inform and encourage customers to continue to gain points. Add mobile coupons or be creative and think of your own great prizes.


Loyalty Program

Its no secret that loyalty cards have always been a popular customer rewards tool. The problem is customers often misplace or lose them. Why not benefit from the latest technology in customer loyalty programs by rewarding your patrons with virtual punch cards accessible from their mobile device.
Your customers will love the convenience, no more easy-to-lose and easy-to-forget traditional paper rewards cards. You will have the ability to choose the program length, what reward they earn and how many points it requires to achieve the reward. You can also allow points based on store visits or purchases. It’s all up to you!


Works with all phones, not just smart phones! Integrate Eikon’s Mobile Tools (QR scanning, Keyword text-in, in-store Kiosks) to enhance your message.

List Building

Grow your marketing list with more ways to build your let your customers opt-in.


Eikon Mobile’s easy to create loyalty programs, allows you to design a program that best fits YOUR business!


Mobile Analytics

Track the progress and success of your campaigns and make adjustments as needed!