We serve many industries…..the possibilities are limitless!

Appointment based business

How would you like to have your business save precious time and increase sales -quick and efficiently?

Appointment based businesses such as a doctor’s office or hair salon have to stay on top of appointments to make sure they aren’t missing out on big business.

Reducing no-shows is what it’s all about!

With the Appointment Manager tool you can send 2-way text alerts that allow your customers to confirm from wherever they may be. Customers that can not make their appointments can be quickly rescheduled resulting in a dramatic decrease in cancellations and no-shows.

Our customers show up to a 70% response rate, leaving you with only 30% of calls to make. Less time spent on the phones equals much more free time for you to get more business.

Clubs and Bars


As an owner of a nightlife business, you want to make your venue stand out from other competitors in your local area. Attracting as many people as possible is vital to a successful bar or club. A mobile marketing system makes it quick and easy to do!

Market your bar or club to show customers that your place is the best destination to be!

Create a custom Keyword specific for your Restaurant Bar, or club. Customers can text the keyword to 40691 to opt-in to your business to receive messages featuring promotions, deals , featured guests and specials!

Gyms and Fitness


People care about their health and looks. Gyms have been a BOOMING industry over the past few years. Other types of fitness businesses, such as martial arts, yoga studios and Zumba dance classes give people many options on how they want to go about taking care of their body and health. Introduce an SMS system in your fitness center so your clients can be reminded on class schedules, times, and to reserve a spot. You can also offer them coupons and invite them to special events.

Stay up to date with customers and members with our great appointment manager tool. Use this tool to remind members of class times or to confirm appointments with personal trainers.

Create a keyword that can allow your customers to opt-in and receive SMS Text Messages that update members (or anyone interested in joining) on great deals and promotions.

Restaurant Business


Attracting new customers and encouraging repeat business is a must for any restaurant. Our tools offer several fun and creative ways to accomplish this. Use Advanced Connect to help market your restaurant and start increasing sales today.

With our mobile coupon platform you can drive customers to your restaurant anytime you want. You can send the coupon via sms through our personal wallet system or you can use the power of social media and post coupons to Facebook and Twitter. Track the open, deletion and redemption rate of each coupon. Once a coupon is redeemed, it is immediately deleted from their wallet.

Great for all types of restaurants, pizzerias, buffets and more. Customers simply text the keyword that you have created to 40691 to opt-in and can instantly begin to receive info on special offers and discounts.

Schools and Colleges


Send out fast and simple text messages alerting parents and faculty about events, closings, projects and more!

Have your school create custom keywords that can be used to opt-in and get information via SMS Text Messages. Great examples include…

Poll parents or students to find out what they would like to see the school participate in or add to their facilities. Use our simple SMS Poll creator tool to generate your questions and responses.

Schools are responsible for making sure that they are keeping their students and their families informed and safe. With SMS, alerts and important information can be immediately received by the end user.

Property Listing


Helping real estate agencies generate leads has never been easier. Real estate has always a very competitive market, but since the housing crash several years ago along with increased restrictions by banks on mortgage approvals, agents need every tool available to them to increase their pool of buyers.

Mobile Giving


Help Non-Profit Organizations raise money for a great cause by creating a mobile giving platform for them.

With our technology it is easier than ever to set up a mobile website that will allow contributions to be sent directly into the organization’s PayPal account.

Those interested in donating can do it on the spot with their credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

Automotive Sales


The vehicle listing tool can be used by auto, boat and motorcycle dealerships to increase the amount of leads captured both on the sales lot and through print advertising.A vehicle listing can be created with a keyword, a QR code or both.