Does your business rely on appointments or deliveries with clients, patients, and vendors? If so, then you know when they are missed it can hurt your revenue. No-shows waste valuable staff time and cause your business to run below its optimal capacity. Eikon Mobile’s appointment manager platform has the flexibility that allows you to send out reminders, rescheduling to fill downtime, and set up deliveries more efficiently.

Send Out Reminder Notifications

With Eikon’s mobile appointment management wizard it is simple to manually add 48 confirmation messages at one time. The platform permits you to arrange the message template, set the default date along with type of confirmation or reminder all prior to the appointment. You can customize it to include opt-in lists and the phone number that is notified.

Confirmation or Reminder?

Using the Eikon platform you can manage all of your appointments and make them automatic and interactive. Customers have the option of selecting from a variety of confirmation responses. Through the responses you can determine if the customer will be on time for the appointment or if they need to reschedule because they are running late.


Based on the clients response you can tailor your return message. For example, if a client’s response to the confirmation indicates he can’t make it in, then you can customize the autoresponder to ask him to call into the office with their preferred times for rescheduling the appointment.

Uploading Your Appointment

You have the ability to upload as many as 100 appointments at a time on a spreadsheet app like Excel using our .csv template. This permits a speedy uploading and file transfer of your client information from your database to the Eikon system.

Client Opt-In

When a client responds to your confirmation message, they will be instantly opted in to a list you choose. If their information has already been entered into the Eikon appointment management platform, then that data is automatically saved in that list when they respond.

Simple Texting Script:

If you run a medical or dental office, you know how much missed appointments can hurt your revenue.
No-shows are a chronic condition for any health office. They waste valuable staff time and cause your office to run at suboptimal capacity.
Medical offices have known about this issue for years. That’s why some form of an appointment reminder system is standard practice at most facilities.
First it was post card reminders sent through the mail.
Too slow and trashed as junk mail.
Then it was phone calls.
Intrusive, often untimely, and unfamiliar numbers are rarely answered.
And now some offices are trying email alerts.
Filtered into Spam Folder or just ignore.

There’s a better way.

Using Text Messages for Patient Appointment Reminders

Why waste valuable time manually contacting patients when you’re just going to be ignored? Don’t use more time and money on ineffective reminders. Save your staff time, increase your revenue, and provide the highest quality care.


Simple: text messaging. Text message reminders, powered by SimpleTexting, are the perfect prescription for a case of chronic no-shows.

Text messages are read instantly.

90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt!

Texts are friendly and unobtrusive.

Patients will love this convenient service.

Texts are never ignored.

Less than 1% of all text messages go unread.

Text reminders can be used for more than just combating no-shows:

  • Notify patients when they’re due to schedule another 6-month check up
  • Monitor patients with serious conditions
  • Alert patients of test results immediately

Bring your office into the 21st century with a text message reminder system that will keep your patients happy, keep your staff useful, and keep your profits in perfect health.

As shown in the table above, appointment or check-up reminders are transactional texts, and as such, do not require a patient’s consent. That means if you have their cell number on file, you can send them a friendly reminder text with no hassle.
If you’d like to send them any other types of texts, they’ll have to opt-in, or subscribe, to your messages. This can be as simple as texting your designated keyword (e.g. “DRSMITH”) to 555888.

Getting Patients Subscribed

Ask while scheduling

If you don’t have a patient’s number, or even if you do, it’s easy and polite to ask if they’d like a text reminder when scheduling an appointment. Ask when they’d like to receive their reminder and what number works best.
This is also a great time to ask if they’d like to receive other texts, such as weekly health tips, reminders to schedule new appointments, or alerts about new services available.

Waiting room displays

You’ve got a captive audience, now use it! Place a sign, placard, or notice somewhere prominent in your waiting area. The display should contain simple instructions to sign-up for your new text services.
Here’s an example of an effective display:

We now offer convenient text message reminders!
Sign up for appointment reminders, monthly health tips, and more!
Just text “DRCOLE” to 555888!

Mousetrap Mobile Script:

Instantly reach patients, customers & guests with reminders & promotionsOur Text Reminder System is designed to help your staff easily and effectively communicate with your patients or guests, reducing both labor costs and no shows.Features:

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Pre-scheduled reminders
  • Calendar feature
  • Custom Templates & Free forms
  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Date/Time stamped record log of conversation

Lime Script:

Is your business dependent on appointments with clientele? Do you need to manage a group of vendors who visit your business regularly for deliveries? Use our mobile appointment management tools to ensure fewer no-shows! Fill downtime and schedule deliveries  efficiently. Empower your business with Appointment Reminders.

Manage and Send out Multiple Reminders

Our Multiple Appointment Wizard allows you to manually add up to 48 appointment confirmation messages at one time, edit them accordingly, and send them out. It also allows you to set the default date, message template, type of confirmation/reminder, time prior to the appointment that the SMS is sent, opt-in list, and the phone number that is notified of their confirmation status.


Confirmation, Short Confirmation, or Just a Reminder?

Let the platform make managing all of your appointments an interactive and automatic process. Your customers can select various types of confirmation responses. These responses identify whether the customer will make it to the appointment or if they’re running behind and need to reschedule.



Customize the message clients receive based on their response to confirm, miss, etc. For instance, if the client responds to a confirmation message with ‘R’ to reschedule, you can send them an autoresponse to call the office with preferred times at their earliest convenience.

Upload Mass Appointments

With our .csv template, you may upload up to 100 appointments at a time on a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. It makes for a swift and organized transfer of your clients’ information from your system to ours!

A great way to opt-in

Once the client sends a response to the confirmation message, they will be opted in to the list of your choice. If you have uploaded their information into the appointment management system, the information is automatically saved in the list upon their response!